Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn On?

Imagine you have returned to your home after a busy day at work and realize that your AC is not working. Air conditioners frequently malfunction on the hottest summer days when you need them the most.

According to San Luis Obispo AC repair specialists, despite the complexity of your complete AC system, professionals can detect the exact problem and solve it before it turns into a major repair.

Why Won't Your Air Conditioner Turn On?

  • Faulty Electrical Outlet Or Cord

If the power cord is left in the same spot for a long time, it may become frayed and worn down. Plugging in other appliances may determine if the outlet is operating correctly. It is never advisable to try to fix the cord or power outlet by yourself.

  • A Malfunctioning Thermostat

A broken thermostat may impact your air conditioner’s effectiveness. The thermostat’s display must be lit for the AC to turn on, so ensure it is first. Set it to cool, 4–6 degrees below the indoor temperature. Put your palm in front of the AC after a short while to feel the chilly air.

  • Obstructed Air Filters

Your outdoor air conditioning unit may freeze due to clogged air filters, which limits system performance and is the cause of your air conditioner not turning on. You can call a professional for AC services in San Luis Obispo, CA, or clean the filters yourself.

  • Obstructed Drain Pan

The condensate drain pipe is sent outside once the drain pan empties into it. The drain pan contains a backup drain to avoid clogging, but if both drains are full, the float switch gets activated, turning the AC off. Call an HVAC specialist for AC servicing in San Luis Obispo, CA, if you don’t want to see all that gunk.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels

A lack of refrigerant may blame your air conditioner for not starting. The refrigerant, a cooling liquid found in air conditioner coils, is primarily responsible for delivering the desired chilly air from an air conditioner or heated air from a heat pump. To check the refrigerant levels, you would need to call a specialist.

  • Uncleaned Condenser

The condenser’s function is to disperse the heat that the inside unit has accumulated outside. Without upkeep, it can eventually get dirty. When the condenser takes too much electricity, the circuit breaker trips, and the air conditioner won’t turn on.

  • Circuit Breaker Trip

In case of high voltage, a circuit breaker is a safety device that cuts the electricity, and the AC won’t turn on. It indicates a high voltage and can start an electric fire; therefore, avoid attempting to switch it on.

  • A Faulty Motor

Motors are sealed to avoid contaminating the outside air, water, or dirt. Over time, lack of maintenance can cause the seal to break, allowing the motor’s necessary lubricant to leak out.

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