Why Is Your Furnace Filter Black After One Week?

Filters, especially your heating systems, are like the rest of HVAC equipment, out of sight and mind. Suddenly, it strikes you that the filter hasn’t been changed for long. Walking down the aisle, you hope your premonitions turn false, and then you see- A Black Filter. Essentially, a black filter signals that something is amiss in your furnace.

Why is Your Room Not Heating?

A pivotal part of the HVAC system is a high-performing heating system. Ironically, when your furnace malfunctions, heating systems are unused during warmer parts of the year. Therefore, professional advice speaks of investing in maintenance service.

Furnace Heating Warning Signs

Heating repairs of furnace filters in San Luis Obispo if the following indications are seen:

  • The furnace turns on without impacting the internal temperature
  • The heating and cooling system is cycling longer than it usually does
  • The thermostat is showing an incorrect temperature
  • Over-heating
  • Candle Soot
  • Mold Growth
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Fireplace Soot

Repair vs. Replace vs. Installation

If your furnace is a few years old, the repair is a considered opinion. However, if the average shelf life is 10-15 years, and the furnace has reached that stage, replacement needs to be made. If you have bought a new furnace, installation is a mandate. However, repairs can often burn a hole in your pocket, so economic installations are preferred.

Heating System Replacement Furnace Filters in San Luis Obispo

Heating and Cooling can cost an average homeowner about $875 a year – this is nearly half the home’s total energy bill. If the heating systems are more than 12 years old, replacing them with a certified model, thereby cutting the cost by 30%.

Steps of Replacing The Heating Systems:

  • Turn off the thermostat and the furnace system.
  • Locate the filter in the air-intake grill area. It can also vary as per the model and version.
  • Replace the grill or access hatch.
  • Turn the unit on.

How Often Should One Replace Their Furnace Filter?

Heating system replacement makes a big difference in air quality. Replacing regularly depends on:

  • MERV ratings
  • Duration of HVAC in use
  • Type of people(if there are smokers in the establishment)
  • Return vents are near sources of contamination.

The general rule says that the heating system replacement in San Luis needs to be carried out every three months. Depending on the type and the thickness, the frequency can vary.

Heating System Installation in San Luis Obispo

Faulty installation can hamper the performance and efficiency of the system. One side is more porous than the other, allowing air to flow easily without a drop.


The heating system of a furnace filter not only ensures warmth but extends a comfortable and substantial living along with purifying your air. However, its correct deliveries are ensured by human intelligence – that is, the accurate decision of repairing, replacing, or installing heating systems of the furnace filters. In conclusion, our choice provides comfortable lodging!

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