Why Does Your Air Conditioner Leak Water?

Due to factors including improper maintenance, frequent use, and weather changes, your air conditioner is likely to experience problems over time. It will cause the cooling appliance to fail. The issue of leaking and dripping water is the most prevalent problem affecting an air conditioner.

The appliance doesn’t function effectively and can’t provide you and your family with the essential cooling. You need to resist the heat. This air conditioner is leaking, causing additional stress. Take help from a professional for AC tune-up in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Reasons For AC Leaking Water.

  • Air Leak

The air entering the air conditioner should go through the vent for best performance. Air leaking may occur for poor causes. The vent does not let as much air through as it should. If this doesn’t happen, there’s an air leak, which results in less-than-ideal performance.

  • Block Filter

Yet another typical cause of dripping and leaking water from an air conditioner. The system’s ability to breathe is hampered when the air filter is clogged. It will cause the air to freeze, and when the air conditioner is turned off, or the ideal air temperature is attained, the ice that has formed on the filter begins to melt.

  • A Dirty Filter

Airflow to the evaporator becomes hindered if the air filter is unclean or clogged, which results in a reduction in temperature. When the air conditioner is switched off, the inside unit will cease drawing in air, which causes the interior to warm and the ice to collect to melt. If the melting ice reaches the drip tray’s capacity, water will spill as a result.

  • Broken Pump

Below the cooling coil is a mechanism called the condensation pump. The pump’s purpose is to drain the water to stop leaks completely. Water dripping is a sign that a pump is broken or not performing when it is clogged with dust and debris or already broken.

  • Leaking From The Condenser Coil

Your air conditioner’s condenser is located outside of your house. The blower motor, compressor, and coil from the condenser make up the unit. Due to the unit’s outside location, it is more prone to gather dirt and debris, which might cause a blockage. It is among the most prevalent issues that many homeowners face.

  • Clogging Of The Drain Line

Your air conditioner becomes problematic due to clogging in the drain line. This issue arises due to an excessive buildup of dirt, mold, and certain fungal species. The water flowing out of the air conditioner gets delayed when these things build up in the drain. Excess in-water stock and spillage might result from this.

According to statistical estimations, the environment causes a slower-than-average water input into air conditioning systems. As a result, when the drain line clogs, there is little to no water flow. It may cause your air conditioner to leak and drip water.

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