Why Does My Outside AC Unit Keep Shutting Off?

How irritating it is in the scorching heat, when you come to your home to get some relief but you experience your AC shutting off continuously. The final solution to this problem might be AC replacement in San Luis Obispo.

If you are unfortunately facing such a problem with your AC, this article is for you.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is the instance in which your AC repeatedly turns off and on. The cycling of the AC is incomplete and thus it is called short cycling. In this, the AC shuts off the compressor prematurely and then turns it back on after a short time. The process is repeated, and thus your AC keeps switching off and on again and again.
This puts a lot of strain on the system and makes the system highly inefficient. If you do not sort out this problem as soon as possible, you will witness higher electricity bills which are not good for your pocket as well as the environment.

Reasons for Short Cycling

But what causes short cycling? Given below are a few reasons:
  1. Clogged Air Filter– An air filter clogged with dirt and debris is a reason why your AC is doing short cycling. The AC overheats due to the heat trapped in the system and this causes the AC to shut down.
  2. Damaged Compressor– The compressor does the task of pushing refrigerant gas through the AC to absorb heat. It helps in maintaining the rhythm of the AC so that heat can be moved out of the home. A damaged compressor can make the AC malfunction and short cycle.
  3. Malfunctioning Thermostat– The thermostat is the device that gives the AC the command to turn on and off. Faulty wiring of the thermostat or miscalibrated thermostat can cause short cycling, leading the AC to turn on and off frequently.
  4. Refrigerant Leak– The refrigerant is a substance that regulates the pressure and temperature of the AC. If the refrigerant leaks due to problems such as holes in your AC, lack of refrigerant causes malfunctioning of the AC and to regulate the temperature, the AC will turn off and on constantly.
  5. Oversized AC– If you’ve just bought an AC and it is turning off and on repeatedly, this might mean that you have bought an AC that is too big for your home. Such an AC will cool your home quickly and then shut down, and switch on again when heat is generating.
It is important for you to follow some vital practices to ensure that your AC never makes you face any such problem. Keep your air filter clean. Wash it to ensure no dust or debris is settled on it. If your AC filter is not washable, you need to change the air filter every 3 months maximum. Get your AC services scheduled regularly and in case of any such problem, contact a good AC repair and servicing company soon.

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