Why Does My AC Unit Make Noise?

Generally, most air conditioning systems make a little noise while in use, but if the sound is loud and not the same as before, this matter needs attention. Some air conditioners function quietly. If such an air conditioner has become noisy, your system needs a quick inspection.

In this situation, avoiding the AC inspection can lead to expensive air conditioning repair. Let’s dive into why some air conditioners make weird noises and what to do when one experiences such sound coming out of their AC unit.

Four Reasons Why AC Units Make Noise


1. Components are Unattached

With continuous use and after a period of 5 or more years, there is the possibility that the components of your compressor and other parts of your AC unit have become loose.

The fan blades can also be unfastened. If there is some issue like this with your AC, you will hear a striking or buzzing sound. You can also hear loose parts hitting each other when there is any obstruction surrounding the copper line connected to your AC unit.

2. Defected Parts

When your air conditioner has not been serviced for a long time, its parts will become faulty. A crashed fan motor, a failed condenser coil, a faulty contactor relay, or a defective thermostat can make you hear loud screeching or clicking noise. When there is any problem with the contactor relay, you may hear a vibration sound.

3. Liquid Leakage

When the AC components are dirty or clogged, refrigerant leakage in the air conditioner unit. Due to any leakage in the air duct, you would hear hissing or gurgling sounds. An increase in the moisture level inside AC can also lead to weird noises.

4. Grim on AC Components

When your AC filter or condenser gets dirty, leaves, debris, or other particles get collected in your AC unit, and the clanking noise is what you will hear. Uncleaned parts also block the condenser or drain lines, further producing bubbling noises.

These sounds may frighten you, but there is nothing to stress about. The technician will help you fix the problem soon, and it will prevent the need for AC replacement.

Cleaning the AC unit often and scheduling annual AC servicing will help you prevent AC noises. If your AC usually produces disturbing noises, or its Db level is high, you can get a noise blanket installed by a technician to reduce the sound level. When you are about to replace your AC, don’t forget to check its noise level.

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