What Is The Most Efficient Heating System For Cold Climates?

Are you thinking of switching to a new heating system because the existing one is old and not working efficiently? Several systems are available for heating replacement in San Luis Obispo, CA. However, the essential question is how to find the perfect one for your home and climate.

Different Types Of Heating Systems

It is recommended to consult our heating installation expert in San Luis Obispo, CA, before investing in a heating system because buying an improper unit will affect your comfort.

Here are some different heating systems that you can install for your home according to your needs and house structure:

  • Furnace

A furnace is a forced air heating system that uses ducts to circulate warm air indoors.

  • Boiler

A boiler is a central heating system that uses steam or water to warm indoors. The steam or boiling water travels through pipes to the home’s radiator.

  • Heat pumps

Heat pumps are energy-efficient HVAC systems that extract heat from one environment and transfer it to another. It uses a little electricity for heat transfer, which is why they even help reduce your carbon footprint.

  • In-Floor Radiant

In-floor radiant systems are best for larger homes as they are designed to provide even heating to the entire home. The in-floor radiant system includes plastic water tubing hidden inside the concrete slab or the floor.

  • Electric Resistance

Electric resistance heating systems are used as supplementary heating units if the primary heating source fails to meet your comfort needs. These systems are expensive to run. That’s why most heating replacement experts in San Luis Obispo, CA, do not recommend using them as the primary heating option.

  • Baseboard heaters

Baseboard heaters use radiant heating to keep your home warm. These are a modern version of traditional radiators that rises the warm air and pushes back the cold air into the unit for heating.

  • Electric Space Heaters

Portable electric space heaters are the supplemental heating source to produce desired heat within a few minutes. They can be hazardous and expensive to upkeep.

The Best Heating System For The West

The heating system best for heating your home and keeping it comfortable on freezing nights would be gas or electric furnaces if you live in warmer parts of California, and western side of the United States.

However, if you live in a part of California that gets moderate cold, heat pumps would be the best option to invest in and install in your residence. Heat pumps are one of the most popular because they are energy-efficient and work throughout the year to keep your home warm. Yes, you can use a heat pump in the summer as well!

The Bottom Line

Here is a brief of which heating system is best for your home if you live in the following region:

  • A gas furnace is best if you live in the colder Pacific Northwest.
  • Invest in an electric heat pump if you live in the Southern parts of the West.
  • Invest in a heat pump if the winters are moderate in your region.

If you are planning to schedule a heating replacement service in San Luis Obispo, CA, summer and spring are the best times to replace your heating system. Call Pacific Heating and Sheet Metal experts at (805) 254-7619 to learn more about installation service or to get a quote.

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