Types Of Air Conditioner Servicing?

When temperature begins sweltering, staying cool and comfortable starts with keeping the air conditioning system in good working order. Home air conditioning systems use less energy than ever before. Clogged drain lines, incorrect refrigerant levels, and failed capacitors are common causes of AC repair in San Luis Obispo. Fixing the problem correctly the first time will save you time and money and extend the AC life.

Types Of AC Services:

Leak of refrigerant

  • The refrigerant in air conditioners allows the system to run efficiently, releasing heat from the air to cool it. A refrigerant leak can drop the system’s refrigerant level below the required amount.
  • To address this, the home AC repair that is performed includes a refrigerant recharge and the repair of any leaks that may have caused low refrigerant levels.
  • The technician performing AC repair in San Luis Obispo must charge your cooling system with the correct amount of refrigerant.
  • The manufacturer will specify this amount – a proper refrigerant charge allows your cooling system to perform efficiently and accurately.

Compressor fan failure

  • The compressor, fan, and condenser coils are housed in the outside unit of your air conditioner. These components work together, remove heat from the air, and transfer it outside your home, resulting in a cool indoor climate.
  • The heat transfer process is hampered when the outdoor fan is not working correctly. A broken fan will not only prevent your air conditioner from adequately cooling your home, but it will also cause the system’s compressor to overheat.
  • An overheated compressor could activate the air conditioner’s safety controls, shutting down your air conditioner; overheating can also damage the compressor itself, necessitating home AC repair or compressor replacement.
  • A qualified home AC repair technician will identify the problem preventing the outdoor fan from working correctly.

Frozen condenser coils

  • If the condenser coils in your air conditioner’s outdoor unit freeze, your system will not function properly. Ice can form on your cooling system’s coils if there is insufficient airflow.
  • Obstructions, such as dirty air filters or blocked return air ducts, are commonly blamed.
  • A technician performing AC repair in San Luis Obispo can identify the cause of your frozen coils, solve the problem, and safely thaw your coils to restore cooling in your home.

Drainage problems

  • The cooling process of an air conditioner generates condensation, which normally flows away from the equipment without causing any problems.
  • Moisture may back up into the AC if the condensate drain lines or drip pan become clogged or a high outdoor humidity level. Excess condensation raises indoor humidity levels and impairs air conditioner performance.
  • Your home AC repair technician will inspect all condensate lines and the drip pan to resolve this issue. Clogs will be removed from the lines, and the lines may be treated to prevent future clogs.
  • If any air conditioner components are damaged, your technician will give you an estimate to repair this equipment.

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