Six Warning Signs That Your Furnace May Be Failing

Furnaces are heavy pieces of machinery. They run long hours to heat your house and keep you and your family warm and snug. A furnace breaking down once or twice in a season isn’t normally a sign of grave damage, and routine maintenance should keep your furnace in its prime condition. However, to avoid such breakdowns, there are signs that you must not ignore and schedule a furnace repair in Luis Obispo for the same.

We have made a list of 6 common warning signs that indicate an anomaly with your furnace.

1. The Furnace Is Too Old To Be Efficient.
Furnaces are designed to be durable and withstand extreme weather conditions. They serve the purpose well and pay themselves through their efficiency and durability. However, since they are a machine, they have a shelf life. When a furnace is reaching expiration, you will notice signs such as frequent breakdowns, insufficient heating, etc. The frequency of such anomalies also doubles. When a furnace gets old, regular maintenance isn’t enough

2. The Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air.

Depending on the type of furnace, it may run throughout the day or in intervals to keep your house warm. When you notice cold air instead of hot air blowing out of your furnaces, it might be an issue with the thermostat. Changing your thermostat settings should solve the cold air issue. However, if, despite repeated adjustments, your furnace keeps blowing cold air, your furnace may be failing.

3. The Furnace Is Making Loud Noises.

An unusual and loud noise needs attention irrespective of a furnace’s age. If you hear a strange noise coming from your furnace every time you turn it on, it can be a sign of something normal such as twigs or debris getting stuck in your blower/filters or something severe such as a broken or failing component, ductwork damage, etc. Such occurrences in old furnaces are a tell-tale sign that they may be failing.

4. The Furnace Is Consuming More Energy.

A furnace’s efficiency goes down over the years, which is normal. Keeping your furnaces well-maintained might delay such inevitable degradation, but if your furnace is consuming surprisingly high energy, you may consider getting a new one.

5. The Pilot Light Has Turned Yellow.

Give your pilot lights a routine check and ensure it’s always blue. In case it turns yellow, your furnace may need some repairs. Gas furnaces often have leaks, in which case, you will need professional help.

6. Dust Blowing From Furnaces.

Dust from furnaces is usually a sign of dirty air filters or soot accumulation in the ductwork. However, such dust and soot often blow into the heating components causing it to blow dust every time you switch your furnace on. Have a San Luis Obispo heating repair service examine your furnace before it leads to more adverse problems.

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