Should I Set My Air Conditioner’s Fan Setting AUTO or ON?

Your air conditioner’s blower is controlled by the fan settings on your thermostat. To reach the desired temperature, the blowers circulated hot or cold air throughout your room. Therefore, you need to immediately look for air conditioner service near me if your fan is not functioning as it affects the overall AC working. Usually, there are two settings on your thermostat through which you can control the fan. 


Setting the fan to AUTO means the fan turns on when the system is either heating or cooling automatically. Furthermore, when the set temperature is reached, the system shuts down until the next cycle. 


When you set the thermostat to ON, then the fan is turned on constantly. In this setting, the fan blows air continuously despite the system being cooling or heating.

If you find your fan not working in either of these settings, it is time to look for air conditioning repair in San Luis Obispo. You can choose any option from the above based on your preference. The following are a few advantages and disadvantages to help you pick a setting.

Advantages of the AUTO setting

  • It is energy-efficient as the fan runs only when the system is on.
  • It provides better dehumidification during summers. Moisture in the cooling coils will drip outside when you set the fan to AUTO, reducing the load on the system.
  • Moisture blows back into your home if the fan is running continuously. As a result, the air filters get dirty cleaning the air and have to be replaced more frequently. This problem is absent when the fan is set to AUTO.

Disadvantages of the AUTO setting

  • The air distribution is uneven because the fan turns off once the set temperature is reached.
  •  Due to frequent turning on and off, the blower motor may wear out quickly.

Benefits of ON setting

  • Hot/cold spots in your room will be reduced due to the even distribution of air.
  • The lifespan of the fan increases as the stress is decreased.
  • If the air is pulled through a new air filter, you get to experience clean air.

Cons of ON setting

  • Your electricity bills rise as the fan is working continuously.
  • Certain types of blowers are not rated for continuous use.
  • As air is constantly blown through filters, they need to be replaced more frequently.
  • In the summers, the ducts closer to the attic will get filled with warm air, which results in your air conditioner blowing hot air in your room.
  • Whereas in winters, the temperature is similar to the temperature outdoors, and the system blows cool air from vents.

If you are planning to cut down on bills, choose the AUTO setting. Sign up for regular check-ups by searching for an air conditioner service near me
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