How Many Zones Can You Have In A Ductless Air Conditioner?

Nowadays, the preference for mini-split AC systems is rising as many families are conscious of energy savings and proper system utilization. A common question regarding dauntless air conditioners is how many zones or air handlers you need to set up.

The Number Of Zones In The Ductless AC System

Once you decide on a ductless mini-split AC system for your home, contact the professionals at Pacific Heating & Sheet Metal by searching for an air conditioner service provider near me. Only the HVAC engineers can suggest the best system with an adequate number of zones. Two significant issues need to be factored in before suggesting the zone count:

  1. Your house size is in square feet
  2. The layout of your home – whether the house has open rooms or the rooms appear to be closed off by the walls and doors

Once our ductless HVAC service technicians in San Luis Obispo gather data on these two points, you will know how many zones you need in our home. One mini-split AC system comes with an outdoor unit and multiple air handlers (up to 8). If your house size is less than 1000 sq. ft., you will need a maximum of 3 zones. If the house size is above 1000 and below 1500 sq. ft., the zone count will be 4 to 5.

The Benefits Of Having A Mini-Split System At Home

  • No Need To Install The Ducts

Ductwork installation is a costly and time consuming investment. The mini-split systems eliminate this need and still provide exceptional cooling capacity in each room of your house.

  • Improved Air Quality

When no ductwork is involved, the air will be delivered to your rooms. As a result, the system improves the air quality. The ducts generally have holes, and dust and debris enter through these holes to mix up with the indoor air. However, indoor air doesn’t get mixed up with impurities in the mini-split system.

  • Minimal Noise

The ductless AC system doesn’t generate much noise during its operation. It is possible because of its excellent design and better compressor. You must look for a professional ‘air conditioner installation service near me’ online before you decide on this AC system.

  • Excellent Energy Efficient

Every ductless mini-split system is energy efficient. Since you can control the temperature as per your need, there is no energy wastage. This AC system also doesn’t lose much energy since there is hardly any leakage. Due to these reasons, this mini-split AC is more energy efficient than most other AC systems.

The Final Word

The number of zones will decide the comfort of your house. Contact our professional contractor to provide excellent ductless HVAC services in San Luis, Obispo.

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