How Do You Troubleshoot A Furnace Problem?

It is necessary to know some essential troubleshooting tips that you can utilize to make your system operate and function smoothly. However, if the troubleshooting tips fail to make your furnace work as expected, it is better to take professional assistance. Contact the experts at Pacific Air for the best furnace repair in San Luis Obispo to help you deal with your furnace troubles.

Effective Furnace Troubleshooting Ideas

Below are some useful furnace troubleshooting ideas that you can use to get your heating appliance back on track.

  • Inspect The Thermostat Batteries

Initially, you can review whether or not the thermostat batteries are functioning adequately. If not, replace the depleted batteries with a pair of new ones.

  • Review The Thermostat Temperature

There are higher odds that someone might have left the thermostat temperature at low degrees. So, review the thermostat’s temperature and fix it according to your house’s requirements.

  • Change The Fan Settings

If the batteries are working fine, it is time to check the fan settings. If the furnace fan settings have unknowingly switched to on, turn it back to auto mode.

  • Clean The Heater Elements

Occasionally, it is because of the dust and dirt accumulated on the heater’s parts that limit the flow of hot air. To avoid this problem, keeping your furnace appliance clean and tidy is best.

  • Check The Gas Valve

If everything is working accurately, then try inspecting the valve. Examine whether the heater’s gas valve is open, and if open, it should always remain free of dirt.

  • Remember To Check The Motor Panel

Another important troubleshooting tip is to examine the motor panel. Maybe someone in your home forgot to turn off the blower panel after washing or fixing it.

However, if the issue persists, it is time to call our professionals for your heating repair. Our professionals will comprehensively inspect the furnace and specify the reason behind the issue.

The Potential Causes Behind The Furnace Issue

Here are some potential causes that might cause a furnace unit to malfunction.

  • Gas Burner Troubles

If the gas burner is dirty, the fuel will not ignite efficiently. The heating cycle gets impacted if the power source fails to burn effectively.

  • Thermostat Issues

The reason your heating unit is not blowing hot air could be that the thermostat is having issues. Exhausted batteries could lead to incorrect temperature readings.

  • Gas Valve Problems

If something obstructs the passage of the gas valve, then the gas valve stops operating or functions inefficiently. In such situations, it is better to call the heater repair experts to clean the heating appliance once in a while properly.

  • Issues With The Condensate Pipes

The job of the condensate pipes is to empty the water. It is possible that waste might accumulate, and the pipes may get blocked, which results in the furnace unit blowing cold air.

  • Furnace Air Filter

The furnace air filter is essential in evenly distributing warm air to your home. However, if the air filter is full of dust and debris, it might restrict the airflow.

If you face any problem with your heating system, it is time to call our professionals at Pacific Heating & Sheet Metal. Visit our website to book an appointment or learn more about our services.

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