How Do You Know If Your Furnace Is Dying?

Furnaces have been in use for decades, and many provide sufficient heating for more than ten years. However, like any other machine, they require regular and timely maintenance. Routine maintenance ensures that your furnace operates at its peak performance and efficiency. Even with proper care, they are bound to show reduced performance over the years, which is normal.

You can look out for a few signs if you think your furnace has served its purpose and needs replacement.

1. Loud Noises

A characteristic humming when your furnace turns on is normal. However, if you hear an unknown sound that you haven’t witnessed before when your furnace turns on, it might be a sign that something inside your furnace is broken. Do not ignore such noises as they can indicate a failing component. It may also be stuck debris or twigs, but if you have your furnace regularly serviced, it’s most likely a failing component that might need replacement. Some replacements can be expensive, and getting a new heating replacement in San Luis Obispo, CA, would be wiser.

2. Uneven or Insufficient Heating

If one of your rooms is colder than heather and the ductworks are well accounted for and examined, it might be a sign that our furnace is getting old and cannot provide sufficient cooling for your entire house.

3. Evident Short Cycling

A furnace usually runs for about 15 mins twice or thrice in an hour. Anything drastically more may indicate an issue with one or more components of your furnace. A well-maintained furnace shouldn’t pose such a problem, and if such problems often occur even after repeated repairs, it is a sign that your furnace has reached its shelf life.

4. Alarmingly High Energy Bills

Most furnaces are highly efficient and come with a thermostat that helps keep bills lower by providing energy-efficient heating. However, if your bills have gone up exponentially in a short period and you cannot point to any other reason for it, it is a sign that your furnace is consuming more energy due to wear and tears caused over the years.

5. Cold Air Blowing Out If The Furnace

Furnaces run in cycles determined by your thermostat to keep your house warm and bills in check. Notice no significant heating from your furnace even when the heat cycle is on. It might be an indication of an abnormality with the vital components of your furnace. It might be a telltale sign that your furnace is dying.

6. The furnace Is Too Old

A furnace has an average life span of 15 years. With appreciable performance, a well-maintained furnace should run for over 10-12 years. However, you may start to notice obvious changes in performance and efficiency after that. Repeated heating repair in San Luis Obispo, CA, becomes expensive. You may consider newer HVAC models that are doubly efficient with many technological advancements.

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