How Do You Know If Your Furnace Filter Is Dirty?

Are you alarmed at the state of filthy furnace filters? Here are your one-stop solutions to filter your grievances for furnace repair in San Luis Obispo! Well! Dust would be accredited to a furnace repair by suggesting a panacea to San Luis Obispo’s inhabitant’s covert agent.

Statistically, most Americans use furnaces to keep their homes warm as it can be freezing in some parts of America, stooping to nearly 0 temperature! It gives the furnace industry its pre-arrived Christmas!

What is a Furnace Filter?

A furnace filter essentially carries the primary function of keeping the furnace and the blower fan safe, removing the impurities, as they often clog the furnace, causing malfunction. The filter maintains the indoor air quality (IAQ), giving a clean breath to people.

Although available as permanent and disposable, furnace filters are broadly available in four categories:

  • Fiberglass Furnace Filter
  • Pleated Furnace Filter
  • Electrostatic Furnace Filter
  • High-Efficiency Pleated Furnace Filter

Amongst them, highly recommended would be High-Efficiency Pleated Furnace Filter, as they can filter even the minutest dust particle. Using synthetic cotton(4/5 inches thick) is attached to a metal grill to prevent leaks. Medical facilities and hospitals use this filter to give their patients a protected cover.

Furnace Repair in San Luis Obispo

Noticeably, some specific signs and symptoms report an alarm to change to your furnace filters:

  • The filter is noticeably gray, with dirt and dust built on the filter media.
  • The home is dustier than usual.
  • The heating or cooling system is cycling longer than it usually does.
  • In case the current filter was in use longer than the manufacturer’s recommendation.

NOTE: For houses and establishments, furnace repair in San Luis Obispo, where people suffer from airborne allergies or pets, must regularly repair and change their filters.

The frequency of repair is dependable:

  • If the filter has low MERV ratings
  • If the HVAC system is in use more often, especially during peak summers and moderate winters.
  • If smokers are there in the house.
  • Return vents are near sources of contamination.

Heating Repair in San Luis Obispo

An inefficient heating system due to filthy filters can drive up your energy bills and pose an immense risk to your health. The potential signs of faulty heating systems which lead to heating repair in the San Luis Obispo area:

  • The home is not heating at all
  • Decibels from the furnace
  • Foul smell from heating units
  • The pilot light does not stay on
  • The thermostat is showing an incorrect temperature
  • Repeated Cycling
  • If the furnace is over ten years old
  • Over-heating


Give yourself comfortable and clean breathing space, and furnace filters are the doorstep. Their regular maintenance is the key to all-around ventilation and prevention of diseases. Furnace Repair in San Luis Obispo is an easy job, provided you pay heed to the signs and symptoms and follow a redressal mechanism accurately.

For any heating repairs or problems, don’t hesitate to contact us at Pacific Heating & Sheet Metal for quick and expert service. Keeping the heating repairs in San Luis Obispo up to date indicates the proverb- Your living rests in your hands!

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