How Do I Troubleshoot My HVAC Heater?

Every homeowner must maintain the efficiency of their heating device by scheduling maintenance of their system at least twice a year. Many homeowners overlook the importance of maintaining their HVAC systems. Some easy troubleshooting heating repair and service tips can assist you in maintaining your system.

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Effective Heating Troubleshooting Tips

Below are vital heating device components you must examine for effective furnace troubleshooting.

  • Thermostat

As you know, the furnace’s thermostat determines the accurate indoor air temperature and directs your heating appliance to regulate the temperature accordingly. It is rational to inspect your thermostat for technical issues and potential malfunctions regularly. Next, inspect the thermostat batteries and screen settings if your system needs to be repaired.

You can also install an advanced thermostat in place of your traditional thermostat. An advanced and automated thermostat knows your temperature preference in a few days and functions accordingly. It turns off your heating system once the temperature is suitable, notifies you of the maintenance plans, and maintains the air filters, and you can also control it with your laptop or smartphone.

  • Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker of your heating device guarantees no excessive power intake into a heating appliance, as the excessive intake may harm the exposed parts of the machine. In addition, the fuse blows to guard the heating appliance when the voltage flow increases, making the furnace malfunction.

To avoid this problem, you must turn off the control for a few minutes and push it back on. This assists in restarting the heating appliance. Nevertheless, if your heater does not start operating after this, you should contact our expert for furnace repair.

  • Filters And Ducts

If you have consulted an expert for heating repair assistance, you must have seen that they first inspect the air filters before inspecting the device. It is because most of the efficiency issues that heating appliances encounter are due to their dirty air filters. Therefore, review your furnace’s air filters for dirt and dust clogging before doing anything.

Also, remember to clean your air filters or replace them every two to three months to avoid your device’s low indoor air quality and reduced heating power. Your ducts also encounter equivalent issues to your air filters. If bacterial growth or foreign particles clog your ducts, the warm air will not reach all the rooms.

  • Pilot Light

The pilot light is a small beam at the bottom of your heating appliance. A broken pilot light will only allow the system to produce heat if all the wires are in their finest condition and the air filters are clean. Furthermore, you should clean your pilot light regularly to avoid it going off at unpredictable times.

Follow these easy tips regularly for better furnace efficiency. Contact a professional for a comprehensive review if you think your furnace has issues, even after examining these primary components. Our experts at Pacific Heating & Sheet Metal will assist you with all types of furnace issues at affordable rates. You can contact our client service desk at (805) 772-4404.

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