Different Types Of Home Heating Systems

As winter approaches, some of us can become concerned with the comfort in our homes. A heating system is the best way to keep warm indoors. Consider the most reliable service provider, Pacific Heating & Sheet Metal for heating system installation in San Luis Obispo, CA.

As a professional heating repair service provider in San Luis Obispo, we believe that choosing the right system matters as it influences the comfort of your home, the heating budget, and much more. In the market, different systems with diverse qualities are available.

The Top 5 Home Heating Systems

Many homes have multiple heating systems, particularly if a basement or other area requires a different level of heating than the rest of the house. Every homeowner should be familiar with the many home heating systems listed below.

  • Furnace System

The furnace is a forced air distribution system through the air ducts. The heater air gets distributed evenly across your home. Pacific Heating & Sheet Metal provides a diverse range of heating systems.
This heating system installation can be of four types:

  • Oil-based furnace.
  • Natural gas-based furnace.
  • Electric furnace.
  • Propane-based furnace.

The flame furnace is the most popular heating system across the state. It is easy to repair, avail, and replace.

  • Boiler System

Boilers are radiator distribution systems that send warm water or steam through pipes to provide heating. This particular system is known for zoned heating and cooling. But this system is comparatively expensive to install and repair.

  • Radiant Heating System

For most households in San Luis Obispo, CA, radiant heating system installation has become the most common form of the system nowadays. It works by providing heat to relatively colder areas in the house through pipes. It can produce heat through oil, natural gas, or propane.

Even though radiant heating is a popular choice among homeowners, the heating repair cost in San Luis Obispo is quite expensive. The life expectancy of the radiant heating system depends on its heat source.

  • Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Another popular heating system choice has turned out to be ductless mini-split ACs. Since you do not need ducts here, these AC systems provide exceptional zoned heating and cooling through separate thermostats.

You can manage the temperature of the rooms individually. Any professional HVAC technician of a heating repair service in San Luis Obispo can help you with the system selection and installation.

  • Hybrid Heating Systems

The name hybrid tells you that this system is a conglomeration of two heating units – a heat pump and a furnace. This heating system installation in San Luis Obispo, CA, is complex and expensive.

The heat pump usually generates the essential cooling or heating for your home, but extreme weather conditions require the furnace to kick in.


Hire a professional for heating system installation in San Luis Obispo, CA, to advise and help you choose the best home heater.

Consider the most reliable service provider, Pacific Heating & Sheet Metal. If you try our HVAC service once, we believe you won’t need to look elsewhere.

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