Can You Change AN Air Filter While Its Running?

The air filters are one part of the AC system that can get very dirty and clogged. Our HVAC professionals suggest the air filters must be replaced every 30 to 90 days, depending on the type and efficiency. While you can change the filters yourself, if the filter condition appears too complex, you should call for our professional air filter replacement service in San Luis, Obispo.

How To Change The Air Filters

You should always turn off the system before changing the filters. When the weather outside is too hot or too cold, and the AC operates at peak efficiency, you should consider replacing the filter. If you maintain the filter regularly, the heating and cooling will improve. Below are steps on how you can change the filter:

  • Shut Off Your AC

You should start by turning off the AC and putting the thermostat in the off position. As a result, the debris or loosened filter doesn’t escape through the ducts.

  • Find And Locate The Filter

The next step is essential as you need to navigate where the filter is located. The filter is found in the blower compartment or built into metal ductwork. However, if you can’t find the filter, you can refer to the owner’s manual for support. You can also contact our professional AC replacement service in San Luis, Obispo, for a hassle-free filter replacement.

  • Understand The Filter Size

Once you locate the filter, you need to measure the size of the filter. The right filter will help your system to be more efficient. You can find the filter measurement in the owner’s manual. You can find it under your old filter if it’s unavailable there. You must remember the filter should be in exact size as the previous one.

  • Remove The Existing Air Filter

Before you remove the filter, you need to note down the airflow direction. You have to install the new filter similarly to avoid mismanagement. It would be a good idea to mark the filter size and air flow direction on the system to avert any mistakes. You need to gently pull out the filter and place it in a garbage bag to ensure the dust and dirt don’t get scattered in your room.

  • Insert The New Filter

You should choose a filter with a higher MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). Higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the air filters will be. Once you choose the filter, you should place it similarly, following the airflow direction. You can contact our reliable AC filter replacement service in San Luis, Obispo, for suggestions on the filter.

  • Turn The AC Back On

You need to turn on the system and ensure everything is in order.

The Bottom Line

Changing the filter is easy, but many homeowners forget to do it. When you replace the filter on time, you ensure better health for your AC. Contact the skilled professionals at Pacific Heating & Sheet Metal for AC replacement service in San Luis, Obispo.

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