Air Filter Replacement Service in San Luis Obispo, CA

Air Filter Replacement Service in San Luis Obispo, CA, and Surrounding Areas

You depend on your AC system or heater to spend the scorching summer and shivering winter comfortably. In contrast, your HVAC system depends on its motor, compressor, blower, condenser, air filter, electricity, and maintenance.

For maintenance, you have to take some time from your schedule to ensure it is up to date and taken care of. The most important AC or heater maintenance step is air filter replacement in San Luis, Obispo. The air filter determines the air you breathe and the performance your HVAC system gives. You can choose HVAC servicing once or twice a year, but you have to get the air filter replaced once a month or within 90 days.

How Does an Air Filter Work?

The air filter catches all the dirt, pollen, allergens, dust, pet dander, and other particles. In this way, all components of the HVAC system remain clean. Hence, the system releases clean and fresh air. In one sentence, an air filter protects you and your HVAC system.

Disadvantages of Not Replacing the Air Filter


  • Reduces the Efficiency of Condenser and Compressor

The uncleaned air filter will not trap any harmful particles. These particles will enter the condenser and compressor, leading to the blockage. This blockage will lead to less efficiency and poor performance of the AC or heater.

  • Air Duct Leakage

A clogged air filter will pass the dirt particles into the drain line. In this way, the drains line will also get blocked. Thus the water will not be able to pass through, which will cause leakage.

  • Poor Odor Circulating With the Air

When the air filter gets dirty, it gives rise to the build of debris and fungus. With these particles, germs, and bacteria also rising, these cause a foul smell.

  • Make our Health Conditions Poor

As the dirty air filter becomes the reason behind the increase in germs, bacteria, and mold, it will negatively affect your health. The worst effect will be on the respiratory system. You may feel the symptoms such as cough, cold, nausea, and itching. These problems signify the importance of air filter replacement.

Disposable air filter replacement

  • If your AC or the heater is working continuously, get your air filter replaced within one month.
  • When you are about to replace the filter, choose a more efficient and high-quality air filter taking the advice of an experienced professional.

Washable air filter replacement

  • You can wash the washable air filter every week and put them back once they get dry.
  • Annual filter replacement is a must for a washable filter.
  • If you have pets at home and the area surrounding your home is too polluted, replace the washable filter within six months.

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