Air Conditioning Repair Service in San Luis Obispo, CA

Air Conditioning Repair Service in San Luis Obispo, CA, and Surrounding Areas

With the temperature rising to new heights with every passing summer, spending even a single day without a properly functioning air conditioning system can be a nightmare. Therefore, to ensure that your air conditioners work perfectly throughout the sweltering summer season, you must schedule routine AC maintenance. Nevertheless, even after timely upkeep and tune-ups, there can be a possibility where cooling systems don’t run efficiently or stop working.

Now, when this happens, you might think of replacing your machine with a new one. However, unless your air conditioning unit is old or entirely broken to an extent where it cannot get fixed, you must prefer an air conditioning repair in San Luis Obispo. So if you think your AC unit is malfunctioning or broken down completely, call our experts now at Pacific Heating and Sheet Metal before minor issues turn into significant and costly problems.

Our Professional Services

With more than twenty years of know-how in delivering superior air conditioning services in California, our competent professionals at Pacific Heating and Sheet Metal can solve even the most difficult heating and cooling issues. Furthermore, to guarantee the convenience and security of our esteemed clients, we always make sure that we employ the most cutting-edge tools and send our highly seasoned technicians to your place for swift and hassle-free repairs.

Some of our top San Luis Obispo AC repair services are as follows:

Why Work With Us?

Below are some reasons you must count on our professional air conditioning services.

  • Highly Experienced: We’ve been providing exceptional heating and cooling services for more than 25 years now. Working hard all these years, we’ve acquired hands-on experience with all air conditioning systems used in California. Our experts go through mandated training that assists them in troubleshooting and solving issues in as little time as feasible.
  • High-Quality Tools: All HVAC tools we use arrive from popular brands available in California. We curate and review all products and materials that we use or suggest. All tools we employ have a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating, making them the best in the entire industry.
  • Comfortable Service and Maintenance Plans: Our comfortable service and maintenance plan comes with 24×7 heating and cooling assistance. These plans include routine inspections, repair, and tune-up for all your heating and cooling systems. We check all the pumps, filters, wires, and condenser coils in your air conditioning system and fix them if they have issues.
  • Promotional Deals and Offers: We present a comprehensive range of promotional offers and discounts throughout the year. Everyone residing in California is eligible for these offers and promotions. We likewise offer discounts for specific groups like first responders and veterans that you can easily find on our website.

For the most high-grade air conditioning repair in San Luis Obispo and nearby locations, feel free to call us now at (805) 254-7619.

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