5 Symptoms Of AC Compressor Failure

It is impossible to build an air conditioning system without an AC compressor. According to the air filter replacement expert in San Luis, Obispo, replacing a malfunctioning compressor is equivalent to buying a new AC system.

Signs That Indicate The AC Compressor Will Break Down Soon.

Here are some signs that indicate your AC compressor system is failing:
  • AC System Does Not Function At All

If you cannot hear the sound after switching on the AC system, it means there is a severe complication in the AC system.

Before jumping to the worst conclusion that the AC compressor broke down, call AC replacement in San Luis, Obispo, to check whether your intuition hits the bull’s eye.

  • Warm Air From The Vents

The air conditioning system blows warm air in four situations:

  1. When there is a dusty and blocked air filter
  2. Dusty condenser coils and frozen evaporator
  3. Refrigerant leakage
  4. Compressor failure.

Warm air from the vents is a symptom that indicates the beginning phase of the compressor failure.

  • Loud Noise In The Backyard

The loud and disturbing noise from the outdoor AC unit can lead to compressor failure. Noise indicates issues with the AC component, and here are some sounds that you should look out for:

  1. Rattling: Broken or loosened AC parts
  2. Clanking: Issues with blower fan or motor
  3. Sparking or buzzing: Electrical faults
  4. Hissing: Refrigerant leakage

Calling the AC replacement technician in San Luis, Obispo, at the earliest is necessary because the other issue will strain the AC compressor.

  • Circuit Breaker Trips Down

A circuit breaker is a safety precaution to protect the AC system components from the sudden upsurge in the electrical power. An exhausted compressor requires a little more electricity than necessary to continue the refrigeration process.

  • Damaged Air Filter

Air filters have an impact on the AC compressor functioning in two cases:

  1. Dusty and blocked air filter
  2. High MERV rating air filter

In all cases, the air filter restricts the airflow, and the workload exhausts the compressor. Contact the air filter replacement in San Luis, Obispo, and invest in high-quality filters.

Tips To Keep The AC Compressor In Its Best Condition.

The vital thing to understand is to balance the compressor workload. So, avoid all the things that increase the workload on the compressor, like
  • Using the AC system at the lowest possible temperature. Keep the thermostat at minimum temperature.
  • Keep the outdoor AC unit and thermostat in direct sunlight. Install a sunshade over the outdoor unit to block the sun rays.
  • Switching on a fan will maintain the cooling in the environment after the AC system has worked.
  • Do not let the sunlight enter indoors when the AC system is working.


An air conditioning compressor can function tirelessly without causing any alarming issues if the thermostat temperature does not vary regularly and the AC system is maintained appropriately.

That’s why AC replacement in San Luis, Obispo, recommends every household owner to schedule maintenance service at least once a year. If you are looking for a reliable HVAC company that delivers high-class services punctually, contact Pacific Heat and Sheet Metal.

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